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Advertisement Rates & Specifications Effective 2017-2018 offers Online Advertising in Standard Format with Search Engines, which makes it an ideal archives/reference for the latest information on building materials and equipment, as well as professional services catered for the building and construction industry worldwide.

Advertisements uploaded on are promoted by the weekly eBulletin íV an effective media for international marketing.
Profile by trade
Real estate development 15%
Architectural and interior design 25%
Building and construction 25%
E&M and Building Services 12%
Builders Trade 23%
Profile by region
Hong Kong & Macau 52%
Mainland China 15%
East Asia 13%
North America and Europe 10%
The rest of the world 10%
Each insertion shall include
Approximately 300 words in English
The advertisement will be hosted for a period of 12-month
No more than 4 photo images in LR JPEG format
Additional wordage and images are subject to additional charges
Rates are inclusive of copy writing, translation and production.
Rates applicable are for insertions uploaded within a 12-month period
1 insertion HK$6,000
6 insertions HK$4,500 per insertion
12 insertions HK$3,000 per insertion
For special advertising format or requirement, please contact
The Advertising Director
China Trend Building Press Ltd
Phone: (852) 2802 6299    Fax: (852) 2802 6458
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