Shenzhen to model after housing policy in Singapore
Shenzhen will offer 1 million government-subsidised homes at as low as half of the prevailing market rate

The InnoCell project - a smart living initiative
Four types of units in the 17-storey building to provide around 500 residential units

18 building plans approved in April
The declared cost of new buildings completed in the month was $7.4 billion

International Green Building Symposium Hong Kong
The HKSAR Government is promoting the city's sustainable development through green financial instrument

MoMA store to open at K11 Musea
Arch Capital to expand co-living business in Hong Kong

From City Airport to Airport City
The Airport Authority envisages an ongoing transformation that integrates the airport with many functions surrounding it, turning it into a much bigger entity - an Airport City - that drives the economic growth of Hong Kong and the region, while further strengthening HKIA's status as an international aviation hub ...

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