Tank Shanghai -- an art center without boundaries
Tank Shanghai's design purposefully rejects the idea of a bordered site. Long, sloping landscaped meadows down to and around each tank gallery offer open access to the street and riverside, inviting visitors and passerby to move freely between the city, nature, and art. Amidst the backdrop of Shanghai's many more exclusive cultural projects, this gesture creates surprising social inclusivity. Many of those who come to the Tanks do so not only to view an art show, but ...

Hubei Coordination Urban Renewal Project
The project brief calls for a purposeful design to inject new vitality

Ap Lei Chau site to be sold
Designated for non-industrial purposes, the site area is about 1,128.8 sq m

Renewable energy exemptions started
Individuals installing renewable energy systems at their residential premises are exempted. As at end 2019, the two power companies have received over 7,000 FiT applications, of which about 6,000 have been approved. The solar panels used in these approved applications can cover about 70 standard football pitches

WKCDA enters a new phase of district development
WKCDA's Chief Executive Officer Mr Duncan Pescod reported the approval by the Legislative Council Finance Committee of the public infrastructure works funding application on 20 March 2020. The works include the Artist Square Bridge and the remaining works for the Integrated Basement for the district. The M+ project is in its final stages of construction and it is hopeful to obtain the OP by the end of the second quarter of 2020

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