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October 17, 2016

Robit invests in Hong Kong
Robit Plc acquired Bulroc (UK) Ltd in July 2016. This transaction and merging of the operations of these two companies formed a really strong supplier in the global market. The new BulrocRobit has now the widest possible offering of drilling consumables for all application areas like piling, anchoring, tunneling and other civil engineering projects.
     Robit is known as a global supplier for drilling consumables in all application areas having factories in Finland, UK, Australia and South Korea. Bulroc is famous for its wide Down-the-Hole product range being the leading supplier in Hong Kong and in the rest of the world.
     These two known brands, Bulroc and Robit, can together offer their products and services in drilling with experienced high quality.
     BulrocRobit is now investing heavily in Hong Kong forming a central service point in Asia with a HUB. This consists of investments in customer service, service center and full new offering package to any customer need.
     BulrocRobit has a strong belief and expectations to Hong Kong as a growing and inspiring market. Therefore,the resources and investments dedicated to Hong Kong are important for BulrocRobitto serve the customers even better in the future.

Contact: Denny Tsui
+852 9466 1886

Hong Kong Finnair Terminal - piling 50 m piles with 610 mm

Hong Kong Jordan Subway - piling with 610 mm

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