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November 3, 2016

Zumtobel builds a bridge to nature with Active Light
Connecting with nature - Active Light supports human nature by drawing inspiration from the character and dynamics of natural light, it takes the three levels of light into account (visual, emotional and biological) and adapts four specific light dimensions to suit constantly changing human needs by modifying intensity, direction, colour and time. This essential relationship between humans and light supports people naturally in every aspect of their personal and professional lives.
     Compared to mostly static artificial light solutions, the light of the sun encompasses a variety of different facets. Active Light is based on this rich diversity, distinguishing between light intensity and colour as well as light direction and timing. These four dimensions of light are adapted dynamically to suit the needs of the human being, helping each individual experience positive light effects on a visual, emotional and biological level. In addition, Active Light integrates the knowledge gained from studies and research, along with extensive practical experience in various different application areas.
     By adopting a holistic approach, Active Light responds to the special relationship between people and light and provides the right light at the right time – right through the day and the night.
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Active Light provides light in the right intensity, with the right colour and at the
right time. To fulfil this promise, this approach is modelled on natural light to
support the natural biorhythm, in accordance with the core principles of
Human Centric Lighting.

With SUPERSYSTEM outdoor, Zumtobel has developed a new LED luminaire
family that offers accentuating, space-defining LED lighting for outdoor spaces.

(Source: Zumtobel)




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