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November 7, 2016

MB Crusher, to each yard its screener
On the market since 2009, the range of screening buckets MB Crusher got immediately a great statement. MB has managed to innovate the concept of screening, creating a machine with cutting-edge technological features, applicable to any machine from small loaders, backhoes, to larger excavators.
     Primarily the exclusive conical shape of the basket, made of interchangeable modular panels with holes of various sizes and designed to increase the hourly production performance and to sift all the material collected without residue. Of easy assembly, the basket has a front pin which blocks stresses created by particularly large and angular materials thus allowing an increase of the load capacity.
     MB also considers the operational speed an essential factor in any construction site: this is why its screening buckets are designed with a special conveyor system, useful to eliminate any friction during loading. The special dust suppression kit supplied, allows the use of the screening bucket MB in enclosed spaces, ensuring a minimal presence of dust and a low impact noise.
     The redevelopment of urban areas through the dismantling and recycling of inert material are concepts very close to MB work. MB crusher and screening buckets provide an advanced solution, able to simplify operations of crushing and recovery of crushed aggregates (and of any other type of natural material), ensuring business efficiency, productivity, savings costs and, last but certainly not least, environmental protection.
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