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March 24, 2017

Standing desk - a smart wellness solution
The pitfalls of sitting too much have been well-proven, with the gravely serious risks ranging from medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity to increased mortality rates.
     Varidesk,which makes various active office products all designed to counter the sedentary lifestyle. This model of particular interest since its 36 inches width can accommodate dual-monitor setups or larger workspace needs thanks to a two-tiered design. The upper surface holds one or two displays, while a separate lower keyboard/mouse deck provides ample room for tech basics and accessories.
     The engineering also proved to be marvelous, with the company's patented, spring-assisted lift mechanism allowing the device to be easily and smoothly raised and lowered in mere seconds to the desired height amid the 11 settings that are available. Impressively sturdy, this apparatus can stably hold up to 35 pounds even when extended to its full height. While working while standing can admittedly take some getting used to, the allure of increased energy, focus and proficiency; more calories burned; fewer body aches and pains and even a longer life span.
     In all, Varidesk is a soundall-in-one way to work smarter, be healthier and perform at peak levels.

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