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August 30, 2018

New map service with land survey records launched
The Lands Department has launched the Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 website to provide the public with a one-stop platform for map products and land survey records.
     The new website offers different types of digital and paper map products. It also provides a digital version of land survey records, including digital images of Lot Index Plan and Demarcation District Sheets, and a product preview function.
     The public can search for lot and location information through the website and download various types of digital maps, aerial photos and land survey records after making payment.
     The new website has streamlined the ordering process and no registration is required for purchasing paper map products. Purchases can be delivered through the website's link to the Application Programming Interface of the Hongkong Post's delivery service.
    Users can register and log on to the website via designated social media accounts. The site can support browsers on different Internet platforms and is equipped with responsive web design and cloud technology to ensure a stable and smooth service.

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