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November 28, 2018

Invaluable role of housing managers spelled out in landmark study
A study published by leading academics has exposed the vital role housing managers play in shaping Hong Kong’s vibrant communities. As one of the most densely populated city in the world, Hong Kong is home to a unique and challenging urban climate – with more than 70 per cent of its population living in high rise apartment blocks.
     Research conducted by Hong Kong University (HKU) has highlighted for the first time the often-overlooked role qualified housing management professionals play in making cramped surroundings more pleasant, social and liveable for the communities that call them home – an ever-mounting responsibility as populations continue to grow and age and housing stock expands. Concurrently the Government of Hong Kong SAR’s Smart City Blueprint has outlined the integral role housing management will play in enabling Hong Kong’s evolution into a more modern, sustainable and liveable megalopolis.
     In recognition of the profession’s growing responsibilities and challenges, The Hong Kong Institute of Housing (HKIH) collaborated with leading academics at the Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning (CUSUP), of Hong Kong University’s (HKU) Faculty of Architecture, to complete a study into the role and contributions of housing managers in creating liveable residential spaces in the past, present and future.
     Published in commemoration of HKIH’s 30th anniversary, “Liveability of Large Housing Estates in Hong Kong: Contribution of the Housing Management Profession”, traces the historic role of the housing management profession, outlines the vital role its practitioners perform today – and makes pertinent recommendations for future progress.
     Since being introduced to Hong Kong’s public housing estate in the early 1950s, the housing management profession has grown substantially over the following decades – today more than 70 per cent of the city’s housing stock is managed by HKIH’s base of over 3,100 members.
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(Left) HKIH president Calvin Chiang, (Right) Professor Rebecca LH Chiu, Head
of HKU’s Department of Urban Planning and Design

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