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February 12, 2019

Launching of Rooftop Republic Academy
On 1 March 2019, Rooftop Republic Urban Farming will be launching the Rooftop Republic Academy, a training platform aiming to raise the next generation of urban farmers to meet the needs of the future, in response to the growing global needs for innovative solutions for a more sustainable food eco-system, and equip trainees with the knowledge and skills for them to carve a vocation in the urban farming industry.
     The Rooftop Republic Academy draws from the collective expertise and track record of the founding team who has been growing the urban farming movement in the past 7 years, transforming our city spaces, and reconnecting city dwellers with their food and communities.
     Rooftop Republic partners with the Business Environment Council, and with the support of DBS Foundation, to launch the Rooftop Republic Academy and establish the newest rooftop farm project within award-winning Jockey Club Environmental Building in Kowloon Tong.
     The rooftop farm consists of growing beds, nursery and herbs growing area, an automated irrigation system,, as well as a bee-resting area, composting, vermi-composting, as well as a STEAM corner applying technology in farming for education, and promoting a greater awareness of sustainable and green city living.
     The team at Rooftop Republic and the Business Environment Council invite professionals from the property, hospitality, F&B and sustainability to join the launching event on 1 March (Friday), 2019. The event will include an introduction to the Academy, a tour of the rooftop farm and a panel discussion to better understand the current state of urban farming in Hong Kong, analyse some of its main challenges and discuss its potential to make Hong Kong a healthier, greener and more inclusive city. The panel will consist of corporates, academics, chefs, green architects and local farmers for a discussion and exploration of how urban farming can bring about social and environmental transformation for our city. This event will be a great opportunity to connect with like-minded companies and individuals to explore more solutions together for a better Hong Kong.
     You may reserve your seat via Pelago LINK or email us at

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