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October 6, 2021

Concrete as the predominant building material

The new company headquarters of HeidelbergCement AG offers not only an ultra-modern and comfortable space for around 1,000 employees, but is also a statement highlighting the versatility of concrete as a building material. The wide range of applications is particularly evident in the form of the curved facade, the three-storey foyer, and the accompanying tree-shaped supports and filigree building components. In particular, the ceilings, walls and floors of the up to six-storey building structure radiate plenty of lightness, durability and sustainability thanks to the light-coloured exposed concrete.
    The terrazzo floors are also characterized by longevity and durability when it comes to an assessment of the building’s life cycle: in the form of Korodur’s GRANIDUR BIANCO, the choice fell on a concrete floor that offers both an elegant appearance and functional advantages such as high load-bearing capacity and durability. GRANIDUR’s high-quality features are ready-to-use, coloured dry building materials for the production of polished, decorative screeds in a layer thickness of 15 mm or more. The area covers a total of around 3,600 sq m.
    The basis for the GRANIDUR BIANCO surface was a fast-setting floor screed in the form of a heating screed containing the Korodur FSCem binder. This is a dimensional-stable, low-shrinkage, fast-setting screed binder designed for the production of a screed that is usable and ready for laying after a very short time, the screed being, in this case, produced at an average thickness of 65-85mm.






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