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July 28, 2022

GEBT 2022 to open next week

Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology 2022 will run from 3 – 6 August, welcoming back leading brands from the smart building, audio-visual and electrical engineering industries. Held concurrently with Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), the two fairs are expected to welcome 1,288 exhibitors across 110,000 sqm of exhibition space. Running with the theme “The integration of the smart technology ecosystem”, the Smart Technology Ecosystem Conference will tie together a series of forums set to take place during the course of the show. 
    On the opening of the show, Ms Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Co Ltd commented: “We look forward to welcoming the industry back to GEBT as we explore the integration of the smart technology ecosystem. Cities and communities of the future will become increasingly digitalised and interconnected through the use of smart technologies. These bring with them wide-ranging applications from public infrastructure, home comfort and government services to recreation, leisure, culture and much more.” 

    She continued: “In particular, the increasing adoption of 5G and AIoT is leading to increased standards of living wherever these technologies are being implemented, and many firms are taking note of that. The Smart Technology Ecosystem Conference on Wednesday will therefore serve as a key platform for encouraging discussion and sharing ideas and expertise between different industries, to make this future a reality. There will also be forums covering a range of diverse topics within smart buildings, audio-visual technologies, smart living and more, which we’re very excited to see unfold.”

Product zones to converge four areas of smart technology
In the spirit of connecting different industries, a wide array of products and services will be on display at the fair, with four main product zones highlighting different building technology areas. The newly added “Home automation zone” will highlight smart lighting and shading systems and products, as well as smart security, smart access control systems, independent switches, panels, gateways, home appliances, furnishing, security and more. Other zones include the “Intelligent building and smart community zone”, “Hotel engineering and building conservation zone” and the “Audio-visual integration zone”.


Leading brands unite to integrate the smart technology ecosystem
Key players from across a variety of industries will gather next week, to showcase their innovative products and services. Highlighted exhibitors include: KNX, GVS, SDLEA, Homeland, Tuya, Lifesmart, REACH, Kai Chen, iPlusHome, xlink, Beiyue, On-Bright, TNV, Intretech, Xiaoyan, Konke, Beichang, Yicheng Yizhi, Joyrill, Uwiseze, Haiying, Greencure, Hua Teng, Merrytek, Intengine, Barep, Ai Jia, Wei Qi, Tenia, Keldeli, Younssemi, Kenwell, Lei Zhong Shan, Si En, Bai Ren, Jieyongtong, Yi Ge, Langtu, Uten, Umer, Plato, Unitech, Xin Ping, Xin Lan Tian, Teng Li, Songmeng, Meil Gdele, Coastrewoodtech, XPower, Pin Pai, Feng Sheng and more.


Concurrent forums and seminars to stimulate cross-industry discussion
Under the theme “The integration of the smart technology ecosystem”, the GEBT 2022 fringe events will explore the furthest limits of innovation from across the building and electrical engineering technology sectors. Experts from industry and academia will participate in a range of forums and seminars, covering the latest trends within audio-visual and home theatre customisation, smart living, smart buildings, smart hotels and more. Highlights include:


Smart Technology Ecosystem Conference 2022
3 August (13:40 – 17:00)
Linking back to the theme of the exhibition, this conference will focus on intelligent building technology, the applications of 5G and the rise of “smart communities”. Representatives from Huawei, Jinmao, Aqara, Yeelight, China Mobile Smart Home Operation Center and others will gather to talk about the future of the smart technology ecosystem.


Smart Hotel and Green Building Development Summit 2022
3 August (14:00 – 17:10)
This summit aims to provide a platform for construction planning, equipment procurement, environmental protection and energy saving in hotels, residential properties, commercial complexes, universities, hospitals and more.

PLC Home Automation Industry Forum 
4 August (10:00 – 11:45)
The content of this forum will cover the interconnection of PLC technologies and the applications of PLC within home automation. It will analyse the future development of PLC chips, modules, solutions, systems and other related products, bringing new opportunities to the building industry as a whole.

GEBT 2022 Smart Lighting, Audio-Visual and Acoustics Integration Forum
4 August (10:00 – 12:30)
Companies within the audio-visual, smart lighting and AIoT cloud platform sectors will examine smart audio-visual technology trends, including how this technology can be better applied to homes. Representatives include Yosemine, House Lux, Partyhouse, Soundbox, Zene, Jingrui, YMIOO and more.


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