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February 1, 2024

World's largest indoor ski centre under construction

In 2021, architecture firm 10 Design created the winning competition proposal for Huafa Snow World, a 131-hectare entertainment destination in Qianhai Bay, Shenzhen, China. Construction for the retail and entertainment plot, Huafa Snow Centre, one of the largest plots consisting of an indoor ski slope, a JW Marriott hotel, a themed shopping mall and office space, is currently underway and slated to open in 2025.
       Anchored by an 80,000 square-meter indoor ski resort, the largest of its kind in the world, Huafa Snow World boasts a rich mix of retail, entertainment, commercial, hospitality, civic and cultural components, creating a vibrant destination. 
     An urban green axis runs through the site, from north to south, taking advantage of the prime waterfront setting. Three clusters shape the master plan – an entertainment cluster along the west boundary, forming the main urban interface; a culture and civic cluster integrates with the central green space; and a lifestyle/retail cluster runs east to west, connecting the adjacent communities. 


At the heart of the destination, a plethora of cultural and entertainment amenities are integrated with the large green space to create an activity hub and vibrant public realm, attracting guests and surrounding communities to connect and immerse themselves in nature. 
     Intentionally placed to take advantage of riverfront views, the Huafa Snow Centre is the magnum opus of the development, integrating state-of-the-art ski facilities with themed retail and hotel offerings to provide a seamless experience for the visitors. 10 Design created an airy, undulating structure to house the grandiose 83-metre-high and 441-metre-long ski slope, with the supporting structure strategically exposed and translated into a unique visual element within the FUNMIX Zone below.

A transformational retail street links the Snow Centre with the rest of the development via multi-level connections. Allowing for a variety of activities, events, and celebrations, it serves as a functional addition to the luxury hotel offering, which includes a spacious ballroom with panoramic views of the ski slope. 
     Designed to attract the new generation of consumers, Huafa Snow World taps into the ever-present basic need for connection and socializing, creating a community-fueled, immersive destination that boasts themed retail spaces and interactive installations. The theme of snow is utilized throughout the master plan, for example, the design team has employed ceramic boards and aluminum panels to translate the texture of glaciers and ice crystals into a sleek and modern façade, and unified design language.
     The cutting-edge design embodies the principles of sustainability, creating a leading, energy-efficient destination. The sloping roof of the main building is coated with solar panels, which offsets energy for the ski centre and adjacent commercial buildings. A water management system harvests rainwater and irrigates the landscape, and a wetland reserve utilizes the sponge city concept, alleviating the problems of urban waterlogging, and reducing the development’s environmental impact. 
     Seamlessly blending innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and sensation-rich experiences, Huafa Snow World is slated to become the leading attraction in the region, supporting growth and celebrating nature.
Project Data
Shenzhen Qianhai Huafa Snow World
Shenzhen, China
Huafa Group
Master Planning, Architecture
10 Design
Mixed-use, Entertainment, Retail, Hotel, Office, Residential
Master Planning Area
43 hectares
Approx 1,310,000 sq m (MLP)
Approx 339,000 sq m (Phase 1)
Under construction
(Source: 10 Design)