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January 2, 2019

Street tree guide published by the Development Bureau
It features 80 less commonly used tree species suitable for street planting in Hong Kong, providing a reference for Government departments and interested parties in selecting street tree species. The guide aims to improve the resilience of Hong Kong's urban forest by maximising species diversity under the “right tree, right place” principle to improve ecological health and minimise tree risks.
     The bureau said the city’s roadside urban forest is dominated by a small range of 20 common tree species, which altogether account for about half of the trees recorded. Limited vegetation diversity makes Hong Kong’s urban forest more vulnerable to outbreaks of pests and diseases and diminishes soil quality, consequently leading to higher maintenance efforts.
     To withstand harsh roadside conditions in a compact and dense urban environment, the 80 tree species recommended are assessed against urban heat, drought, wind, pollution and waterlogging as well as their ornamental value, ecological value and canopy size.
     The guide comprises a set of user-friendly and graphically presented datasheets setting out the basic information for each selected tree species, including resilience to different types of urban planting environment, distinctive character, species features and colourful photographic image. It also comes with a software application - the Street Tree Selection Matrix - for users to modify the selection criteria to suit specific sites such as microclimate.
     <Click here> for the guide.

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