HEADLINE NEWS May 27, 2020

Tank Shanghai -- an art center without boundaries
Tank Shanghai's design purposefully rejects the idea of a bordered site. Long, sloping landscaped meadows down to and around each tank gallery offer open access to the street and riverside, inviting visitors and passerby to move freely between the city, nature, and art. Amidst the backdrop of Shanghai's many more exclusive cultural projects, this gesture creates surprising social inclusivity. Many of those who come to the Tanks do so not only to view an art show, but ... <Read more>

Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology rescheduled to 30 Sept - 3 Oct 2020
Serving the electrical engineering, intelligent building and smart home markets

Contractor appointed for WKCD Artist Square Bridge
The bridge will provide a direct connection between the developments above MTR Kowloon Station

WKCDA awarded major works contract
Foundation and Excavation and Lateral Support (ELS) works for Zone 2A will commence soon

Tung Chung Line extension design to start
The extension project is one of the seven recommended railway schemes under the Railway Development Strategy 2014 to serve the Tung Chung New Town Extension along the Tung Chung West and Tung Chung East areas. The project comprises the Tung Chung West Extension, which is a 1.3-kilometre-long extension from the rail line's existing Tung Chung Station to a new station at the Tung Chung West area <Read more>

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