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April 26, 2019

Annual target to upgrade 150 government man-made slopes
The Civil Engineering & Development Department recently announced that there were 253 reported landslides in 2018, up from 152 cases in 2017, but lower than the annual average of 300 over the past 25 years. Most of the landslides in 2018 affected roads, footpaths and squatters, but caused no casualties.
     Spokesman from the department's Geotechnical Engineering Office Deputy Head (Island) Au Yeung Yan-sang said the government implemented the Landslip Prevention & Mitigation Programme in 2010 to deal with landslide risks. The annual targets of the programme are to upgrade 150 government man-made slopes, conduct safety-screening studies for 100 private man-made slopes, and implement studies and necessary risk mitigation works for 30 natural hillside catchments.
     Mr Au Yeung said: “Regarding extreme weather, definitely we are very concerned. So we have developed some important strategies to deal with extreme weather. And while it is very difficult to predict now when extreme events would occur, we need to closely monitor the weather conditions with the Hong Kong Observatory particularly during the wet season.”

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